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Our annual review of the year – 2016

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A new year means a new list.

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February is here already

Firenado at Firebug, 5th February. Photo by Kevin Gaughan.

We see some metal with the masses at Firebug.

More gigs in January

We were at The Soundhouse on 28th January

Liam Butler with The Lids at The Soundhouse

to see Leicester’s The Lids, headlining at the show.

Where can I sing?

bethia Mitchel

Bethia Mitchell performing at the open-mic night at The Soundhouse in 2013

If you want a chance to sing to an audience, try going to an open-mic night.

News just in

A new venue and music organisation has opened in Humberstone Gate

Echo Factory – the stage showing the lighting rig, 2017

We went there to have a look round and this is what we found.


songwriters, rappers, instrumentalists and acoustic duos

Toby Joe Leonard at the Jukebox December 2016. Photo by Kevin Gaughan.

are celebrated on our new page that lists the ones we know about from Leicester; still many more to come though.

Gone but never will be forgotten

Linear’s last gig, December 2016

Linear hang up their guitars for good.


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