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Nothing like the sound of BIG band

University of Leicester Big Band. The Shed. 11th November 2017.

and it doesn’t get much bigger than this.  See under 11th November.

The demons of great music

Demons of Ruby Mae at The Shed, 18th November 2017. Photo by Kevin Gaughan.

We were at the Shed for rare performance in Leicester of Demons of Ruby Mae.

What a album! What a launch!

Steve Hill and Matthew Gilmore at the Musician, 17th November 2017. Photo by Kevin Gaughan.

Leicester band Skam gave the world its newest album and we were there to check it out.

How the Internet changed the world of music


Monigreen band in 2013

Round 11 of Going To Gigs looks at the rise of the Internet and social media.


Plenty to shout about. Milburn, The Leicester University Big Band, will be among our reports on music in November.

In case you missed it – see our report on the Musicians Against Homelessness show at Y Theatre.

October – we are still cooking it up

Goldwater at Dryden Street, 28th October 2017. Photo by Kevin Gaughan.

Not a good month for us here at MIL; too much to do and when we got going – the wheels fell off. Even so,  we have put more stuff up on our October page. Read about Goldwater and Hell’s Addication at Dryden Street.

Battles of the Bands

Nothing gets under the skin of musicians like competitions. In this issue of Going To Gigs we look back at some of the contests that took place in Leicester over the years.

2012 to 2017

Newton Faulkner is coming to Leicester. Our review of the Newton Faulkner gig is live now.

Anticipating that performance, here is the review that was published on Arts in Leicester magazine when we saw him in 2012.

The day Oxjam took over

Lambone Splinter at Oxjam, 28th October 2017. Photo by Kevin Gaughan.

Our team of reporters present their day at Oxjam Leicester Takeover.

21st October

Declan Mckenna

Declan McKenna. Promotional photo. 2017. From Chuff Media.

Teenage singing star Declan Mckenna was live at Leicester’s O2 Academy tonight.  Read our review of his performance on our page for music in October.

18th October

Sing me a song

Gemma Laken, 20th February 2011.

Our series Going to Gigs continues by looking back at a few of the singers who have delighted Leicester audiences over the years.

13th October

Kynch at The Shed

For us it was Kynch night at The Shed. But then there were also The International Acoustic Playboys, The Quarry and The Hoo Haas.

Quarry at The Shed on 13th October 2017.

It is now on our October page.

11th October

The Rise of the Festivals

Leicester band playing at the Gate Hangs Well in Syston circa 2011.

Going to Gigs is back; a new installment looks at the rise of festivals in Leicester and how they changed the music scene.

Read it now.

10th October

Bands get to play at festival

The King Crawlers at The Shed, 6th October 2017.

October begins with a visit to the Shed.


8th September

We’re back

After a bit of a break, we are back online and have cleared the backlog.  A new broadband connection is giving us a really fast service. It took a while to get it all sorted but now it’s flying. See what we have added to our pages Music in August and Music in September.

Union J at Pride, 2nd September 2017. Photo by Trevor Sewell.

We were at Pride to see what was on the main stage musically.

Gay and proud and still singing – Leicester goes to Victoria Park.

Our cosmopolitan city is brimming with music and the arts

Mahalia at Cosmopolitan Carnival 2017. Photo by Kevin Gaughan.

Saturday 12th August saw the return of one of Leicester’s annual celebrations of Leicester’s colourful diversity of music, the arts, dance and theatre.

Read about Cosmopolitan Carnival 2017.

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